What is the minimum work time and minimum wage?

When workers agree to come to work and the work is not ready, they are allowed two hours wage, or if the work begins after a fixed time, they must receive wage for the time they have waited. This is if there is no work ready.

For any sort of work, the person who participates in the work must be remunerated with a minimum of two hour’s work even if the work duration is shorter.

“How is the wage paid and when can I get a leave?”

Wages must be paid weekly. If an agreement is made with the relevant union (Faroese Workers’ Union), then the wages can be paid biweekly/monthly.

Workers who have been with the same employer for five consecutive years are allowed a leave without pay if it does not go against the interests of the employer. The employer must have a job ready at the end of the leave.

“How is being on call organised?

Being on call means being available to come to work if the employer sends for you. Workers who are on call from Monday to and including Friday at midnight will be remunerated with 13.73% every hour. After Friday until regular working hours on Monday morning, the worker is remunerated with 27.45% every hour.

If a worker is on call, his wage is paid in accordance with Article 8 of the agreement.