What is the term of notice?

Employee termination must be based on reasonable grounds. The employer must give grounds in writing should the terminated worker demand it. Grounds for termination may be demanded if you have been with the employer for more than nine months.

Terms of notice is relative to seniority. For hourly-paid workers, the employer can give this term of notice:

  • Less than 6 moths’ seniority 5 working days
  • More than 6 months seniority 7 working days
  • More than 1 year seniority 10 working days
  • More than 2-year seniority 15 working days
  • More than 3-year seniority 20 working days
  • More than 5-year seniority 25 working days

If an employee who has been with the employer for more than three months hands in his resignation, he is given five days’ notice, and if that employee has been with the employer for more than six months, then the term of notice given is seven working days.

The resignation must be given in writing regardless of which party offers it.