What right do I have to seniority?

You have the right to addition to your wage when you have worked within the same area for 3 years. The Faroese Workers’ Union offers seniority wage addition at 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 9 years, and 11 years. If you leave your workplace and go to work at another workplace, then the seniority follows you if the work is within the same field. Ask you previous employer to give you a certificate when you change jobs. The employer is obligated to give this to you.

If you e.g., go from a salmon factory to a fish fillet factory or other fish factory, then the seniority from the previous job follows you. If you, however, change work area, and go from e.g., washing schools to being day carer or go from the fishing industry to being a bus driver, then the seniority does not follow you because this is a new work area where you do not have the experience. The seniority also follows if you take a leave of absence and then start again if the leave is not longer than 7 years.